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A&Q NanoDesigns

A&Q NanoDesigns

Profile last edited on: 1/29/2016
1225 Laurel Suite Suite 211b
Columbia, SC 29201
  (951) 233-0890
Business Identifier: Fluorogenic Dyes & Linkers: Fluorescent labeling
Public Profile:
A&Q NanoDesigns, LLC (AQND) is an R&D company that, through an active program of academic partnerships is addressing reduction or mitigation of human health risks through Improving drug efficiencies and cost-effectiveness in processes. From such collaborative endeavors, AQND is launching novel chemical compounds that function as biosensors, bioimaging agents and novel fluorogenic labeling compounds. The patented fluorescent nanoparticles used are designed to enhance higher intensities of any fluorescent dye. The dyes can be applied as fluorescent tags for a large variety of antibodies, proteins, or nucleotides for a range of applications (antigen detection by sandwich ELISA, immunofluorescence imaging, and Western blot) Any fluorescent dye can be attached to the nanoparticle to enhance its signal two to three fold. Nanoparticles are water soluble and stable in aqueous solutions for months, making it ideal for many bio-analytical applications can be ligated to any biomolecule with high efficiency, Fluorescent labeling is a powerful technique for detecting specific components of complex biological components with high sensitivity in applications ranging from bioimaging and flow cytometry, to dissecting the natural biosynthetic pathways. A series of fluorescent probes based on the patented azidocoumarin are being developed to be used for labeling antibodies, proteins, peptides, ligands, synthetic oligonucleotides and other biomolecules for use with immunochemistry, fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), cell tracing, receptor labeling, and cytochemistry applications as well as probing biological structure, function and interactions. In complex solutions, such as inside the cytosol of the cells, the incorporation of exogenous natural or unnatural tags into proteins or glycans by the natural biosynthetic machinery is an extremely powerful strategy for investigating their cellular activities. Since those processes involve multistep enzymatic transformations that prohibit the incorporation of large signaling moieties, chemoselective reactions are often employed for post-labeling. In such case, a bioorthogonal fluorogenic reaction, in which the initial starting reagents exhibit no fluorescent characteristics and only the final reacted product yields an intense signal. The process avoids the need for additional purification process, preserving precious samples and time from extensive washing steps.

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