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Aptima Inc
Profile last edited on: 3/10/2021      CAGE: 05TY6      UEI: K1GCPNNZKEN7

Business Identifier: Human performance assessment: engineering tools and systems that increase human capabilities
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12 Gill Street Suite 1400
Woburn, MA 01801
   (781) 935-3966
Location: Multiple
Congr. District: 05
County: Middlesex

Public Profile

As AI is evolving to change how work is done, how we learn and perform Aptima is hifting some of its focus to understanding Engineering Human-AI Teams - addressing the distinct dynamics and challenges of integrating humans and AI systems to include the shared reasoning, intent, context, and communications required. By placing the human at the center of this relationship, Aptima is engineering solutions for a productive, cooperative, and ethical human- AI future, one that augments—not replaces—humans. Another area of recent focus is Intelligent Performance Assessment where Aptima is combining AI with its proven performance assessment technologies to make sense of thow people handle the enormous increase in not only the amount of data but the diversityof sources. The Aptima effort is provide thetoolse to measure, analyze, and understand this data with theobjective of optimizing human performance. Also of consequence is tackling how humans will use lifelong learning and work. Arguing that periodic, one-size-fits-all training, or classroom-only instruction being no longer adequate to prepare workforces, Aptima is bridging the gap between the demands of work and the need to learn by leveraging the data around us offering analytic models and systems to transform assessments into personalized, high-impact learning experiences that support continuous, ongoing skill and career development. In J anuary 2017, Aptima merged with fellow Massachusetts (128) based, SBIR-involved form Micord. The two together still fall within the employment range of SBIR eligibility

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Key People / Management

  Frederick J Diedrich -- President

  Amy Alexander -- Human Factors Scientist

  Paul Allopenna -- Cognitive Scientist

  Donna L Anastasi

  Nathan Bailey

  Jeffrey M Beaubien -- Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

  Justin Boesel

  Sylvain Bruni -- Principal Human Systems Engineer

  Dustin Burke -- Analytics, Modeling&Sim

  Alan J Carlin -- Senior Research Engineer

  Sarah Chesterman

  Kari Chopra

  Margaret "Meg" Clancy -- Co-founder & Executive Vice President

  David Clark

  Tim Clark

  Jordan Coker

  John Colonna-Romano -- Lead Software Architect

  Patrick Cummings

  Jonathan Drucker

  Andrew Duchon

  Danielle Dumond

  Kevin Durkee

  Eileen B Entin -- Senior Research Psychologist

  Elliot E Entin -- Experimental Psychologist

  Jamie Estock

  John Feeney

  Brent Fegley -- Senior Research Engineer

  Emilio Ferrara

  Harold Figueroa

  Adrian Flowers

  Benjamin Ford

  Adam Fouse

  Jared T Freeman -- Chief Scientific Officer

  Mary Freiman

  Michael Garrity -- Vice President, Programs

  Alexandra Geyer

  Kevin Gildea -- Human Factors Psychologist

  Richard Good

  Rebecca Grier -- Human-Systems Engineer

  Scott Grigsby

  Craig Haimson -- Division Director, Advanced Training Solutions

  Kent Halverson

  Kathleen Hess -- Senior Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

  Stephen M Hess

  Cullen Jackson -- Cognitive Scientist Team Lead, Performance Assessment

  Eric Jones

  Jeff Jungemann

  Michael Keeney

  Kari Kelton -- Director, National Security Solutions

  Zachary Kiehl -- Research Engineer

  Andrei Kotlov

  Fuji Lai

  Georgiy Levchuk -- Simulation & Optimization Engineer

  Michael Linegang

  Gavan Lintern

  Lisa Lucia

  Jean MacMillan -- VP of R&D

  Ryan Marceau

  Doulglas Maxwell -- Senior Research Engineer

  Robert Mccormack

  Thomas J McKenna -- Chief Operating Officer & Chief Financial Officer

  James Melhuish

  Diane Miller -- Senior Human-Systems Engineer

  Ryan Mullins

  Emily Muthard Stelzer

  Jeff Myers

  Kara L Orvis -- Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

  Michael J Paley -- Chief Executive Officer

  Scott Pappada

  Michael Patterson

  Louis Penafiel

  Samantha Perry -- Scientist

  Stacy Pfautz

  Paul Picciano

  Virtual Puckster

  Matt Puglisi -- Executive Vice President, Business Strategy

  Kenyon Riddle

  Jennifer Roberts

  Lawrence Sager -- Senior Project Manager

  Erik Schlicht

  Nathan Schurr

  Melinda Seibert

  Daniel Serfaty -- Chairman and Founder

  Charlotte Shabarekh

  John H Shaq

  Jason Sidman

  Janet Spruill

  Webb E Stacy

  Emily K M Stelzer

  Ronald Storm

  Kevin Sullivan -- Vice President, Operations

  Leah Swanson

  Michael Tolland -- Principal Engineer

  Ian Trase

  Enio Velazco -- Division Director

  Shawn Weil -- Vice President, Business Development

  Emily Wiese -- Human Factors Engineer

  Sterling Wiggins

  Valarie Yerdon

  Ian Yohai

  Caroline Ziemkiewicz