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Abreos Biosciences Inc

Profile last edited on: 1/14/19
3550 General Atomics Court Building G02 Room 556/559
San Diego, CA 92122
  (858) 248-9253
Business Identifier: Precision dosing of biologic drugs and counterfeit drug detection
Public Profile:
Organized around technologies for monitoring antibody therapies and point-of-care devices, Abreos Biosciences develops lateral flow assays that measure the activity of high value biologics. The firm is developing powerful immunoassay reagents that can be used for mAb detection and quantitation. Supported assay formats include ELISA, bead based, and lateral flow immunoassay, for the determination of research and clinical pharmacokinetics, manufacturing QC, and counterfeit detection. The firm's simple devices can be used for quality assurance, pharmacokinetic monitoring, and authentication in field, forensic, or point of care settings. Applications range from enhancing brand protection, improving patients outcomes, through enabling rapid authentication for counterfeit prevention and end user confidence. Abreos Biosciences is among the first movers in the field of lab-free biologic analysis and will capitalize on the rapidly growing problems of drug counterfeiting and non-optimal dosing. Products include: Veritope Lateral Flow Assay platform: a novel peptide based detection reagents (Veritope) for the use in lateral flow assays (LFA). These detection reagents can be customized for any biologic and are currently available for Rituxan, Avastin and Herceptin. Applications include the detection of counterfeit biologic drugs and the dosing guidance for monoclonal antibody therapies from whole blood samples. C3-LFA lateral flow assay platform: a novel method of detecting enzymes via LFA. Applications include authentication of biologics such as BOTOX and endotoxin testing for medical device, pharmaceutical, research, biodefense, and food safety. MudPAQ sensor platform: a novel, massively multiplexed protein detection and quantitation platform that converts proteomic data into genetic codes amendable to deep sequencing (Multiplexed DeNAno Protein Assay & Quantitation (MuDPAQ)). Applications will include the proteomic studies of cancer cells, biomarkers and hos

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