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Aavogen Inc
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   Gene therapeutics for muscle wasting diseases
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13420 Glen Lea Way
Rockville, MD 20850
  (208) 596-9807

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AAVogen is a start-up biotechnology company organized around addressing the condition of muscle wasting - a consequence of a wide range of diseases and health conditions. Involving gene therapy, muscle biology, and regenerative medicine the firm is focused specifically on developing new treatments that benefit patients suffering from muscular dystrophy, heart failure, and other muscle diseases. The firm's primary focus is on AVGN7 is a viral gene therapeutic that blocks the inhibitory actions of myostatin, GDF11 and activin. In animal studies, its specificity for muscle and heart prevents their wasting without the dangerous side effects that have limited competing technologies. Founders and the firm are co-discoverers of AVGN7, which was developed through an academic collaboration with many talented and accomplished research partners. Their combined understanding of muscle biology, gene therapy and regenerative medicine is complemented by a Science Advisory Board with field-leading experts in muscle wasting diseases.
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