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21st Century Technologies Inc

Profile last edited on: 10/23/18
6011 West Courtyard Drive Bldg 5 Suite 300
Austin, TX 78759
  (512) 682-4700
Business Identifier: Investigative analytics and pattern detection solutions
Public Profile:
21st Century Technologies, Inc. ("21CT") develops and applies powerful technologies and software tools for intelligence analytics, cyber security and counter-terrorism that address critical business and security technology gaps faced in the defense, civilian, and commercial sectors. The company was originally formed to serve as an innovation incubator for the Department of Defense and intelligence communities to apply patented Group Detection algorithm and graph pattern matching over extremely large data sets in an attempt to identify and thwart threats. 21CT has taken the patented technologies created in its Research & Development labs and created LYNXeon, a leading investigative analytics and pattern detection solution for cyber security and anti-fraud. Organizations or individuals bent on destructive behavior, mayhem, theft—and even physical damage—have penetrated organizations in all industries and current security postures are not adequate. Each of these organizations however, also houses enormous amounts of data that may hold the links to uncover these nefarious activities before they wreak havoc. The missing piece has been a solution that not only analyzes and visualizes the information but can provide investigative analytics and pattern detection that can adapt to the needs of individual investigators, analysts, and intelligence personnel. LYNXeon is able to locate sources of intelligence by analyzing human behaviors. The links and patterns of human behavior in data unveil the answers businesses need to optimize and protect critical network infrastructures, detect and investigate fraudulent behavior, and discover previously unseen opportunities. LYNXeon empowers natural curiosity by enabling individuals to easily ask complex questions of data, run down leads and explore hunches. Results return in seconds so critical time is not lost searching down rabbit hol

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