Stand-Off Precision Guided Weapon Program Cruise Missile
Award last edited on: 5/19/2023

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Rod Krebs

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Applied Systems Engineering Incorporated (AKA: ASEI)

1496 Hickory Street
Niceville, FL 32578
   (850) 729-7550
Location: Single
Congr. District: 01
County: Okaloosa

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Start Date: 12/2/2021    Completed: 6/2/2023
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Phase II

Contract Number: H92405229P006
Start Date: 12/2/2021    Completed: 6/2/2023
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Advances in enemy Anti-Access Area Denial (A2AD) capabilities has placed our military forces at considerable risk. Current SOPGM weapons have limited range, thus there is a need for a long-range precision air to ground cruise missile that can operate in a GPS degraded environment and can acquire targets. ASEI’s Thunderstrike is a precision guided cruise missile that counters the A2AD environment by its range and navigation resilience. Thunderstrike is compatible with the SOPGM common launch tube and Battle Management System, utilizes electric propulsion, has a removable payload section, multi-mode seeker, resilient navigation and type-1 data link. ASEI has completed the equivalent of a Phase I effort for the Thunderstrike cruise missile on internal research and development funding. This previous effort supports the feasibility of Thunderstrike cruise missile with electric propulsion and provides the point of departure design for the Phase II prototype effort. The objective of this Phase II effort is to provide an innovative long range cruise missile that has a threshold range of 200 Nm with electric propulsion and the ability to acquire a target after employment. ASEI will design, fabricate, test, and deliver eight inert Thunderstrike SOPGM Cruise Missile prototypes and two Captive Air Training Missile prototypes.