3D Modeling Indoor Space
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Brad Grinstead

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IAVO Research and Scientific (AKA: International Association of Virtual Organizations, Incorporated)

4011 University Drive Suite 204
Durham, NC 27701
   (919) 433-2400
Location: Single
Congr. District: 01
County: Durham

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Contract Number: H92222-18-P-0019
Start Date: 00/00/00    Completed: 00/00/00
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SOCOM seeks an innovative, computationally efficient, and automated process that uses high-resolution, still-frame images and/or Full Motion Video, collected from handheld devices, to generate 3D models of building interiors.The ability to use handheld inputs for 3D modeling, at its fundamental level, is a core interest for computer vision and photogrammetric engineering. Hence, the solution will require a series of complex reciprocal processing tasks, each grounded in the ubiquitous photogrammetric intent to ensure absolute and relative positional accuracy of all interior content combined with rich visualization. The emphasis, then, is on the frameworks needed to satisfy the SOCOM objectives.Intrinsically relevant to the topic, IAVO is currently engineering a real-time 3D (exterior) auto-modeling capability (to include moving target detection/tracking). The ability to extend that development and offer interior 3D modeling through this SBIR would be significant for existing user communities.Our work plan showcases a componentized feasibility study, to include scientific experimentation, engineering, and meaningful demonstration, of an interior 3D modeling innovation focused on the SOCOM project objectives and thresholds. Our thrust is on plausible component solutions within respective processing task trade spaces, to include options as per the SOCOM performance parameters. We shall also provide an initial system-level design.

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