Fuel Cell Quiet Auxiliary Power Unit for Special Ops
Award last edited on: 2/22/2007

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Greg Cipriano

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Protonex Technology Corporation

153 Northboro Road
Southborough, MA 01772
   (508) 490-9960
Location: Multiple
Congr. District: 02
County: Worcester

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Protonex will develop a quiet, durable, high-energy source which is able to power auxiliary electrical equipment for SOCOM operations. It must be able to withstand a harsh operational environment and be lightweight, compact and man portable. Protonex proposes to develop a quiet Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) that will meet all the energy, power and other requirements for this application. This system will be based on proven Protonex NGenT fuel cell technology combined with an innovative, snap-in fuel cartridge that has a high energy density and is environmentally friendly. The proposed system will have superior metrics to all other technology alternatives available for the specialized requirements. Protonex is currently developing a number of innovative fuel cell based portable power products for a variety of military needs that are best in class in terms of weight, volume and cost versus alternative solutions. The company proposes to design a specific solution for this SOCOM application based on Protonex's knowledge and experience gained from this substantial body of product development.

Portable Power, Fuel Cell, Battery, Small Generator, Quiet Power, Special Operations

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