Hybrid Composites Manufacturing Technology - Braiding/Filament Winding
Award last edited on: 11/12/2002

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Joseph P Hilgefort

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A&P Technology Company (AKA: A & P Technology)

4595 East Tech Drive
Cincinnati, OH 45245
   (513) 688-3200
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County: Clermont

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A need exists to capture the technology developed for braiding/filament winding of organic matrix composites n the DMLCC engine program and integrating it inot a hybrid manufacturing process that is effective and inexpensive. Currently, the braiding and filament winding processes are done on two machines which makes it necessary to move from one machine to the next. By combining the two functions into a single machine, significant process improvements and cost savings can be realized. Testing on DMLCC showed that a hybrid composite of braid and filamnent winding has significantly higher properties in both buckling and lflange bending than a conventional braid and fabric composite. The hybrid system has proven to be an effective means for fabricating critical, primary load bearing jet engine structures such as a center bypass duct. A program is presented to design such an integrated machine and to determine the resulting cost savings.


Phase II

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New approaches in the design of composite structures are required to enable more widespread use of composites in primary structural applications. The objective of this project is the development of innovative process technologies that will enable the fabrication of large unitized composite structures at a significantly reduced cost. Feasibility studies in Phase I have demonstrated the promise of these advanced processing concepts and have helped to focus the Phase II effort. The Phase II program will fabricate F110 engine hardware that GE Aircraft Engines management has agreed to subject to an engine test. This will be an important step toward qualification of this new process technology for use in other production aerospace hardware application.

F110 Exhaust Shroud Integrally Stiffened Shell Unitized Construction Hoop Wrapping Low Cost Composit