Air Stream Purification Using Electron Sources from Carbon Nanotube Emitters
Award last edited on: 8/24/2010

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Cattien V Nguyen

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4wind Technologies Inc (AKA: 4wind Science and Engineering LLC)

142 North Milpitas Boulevard Suite 254
Milpitas, CA 95035
   (800) 628-1179
Location: Single
Congr. District: 17
County: Santa Clara

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This SBIR Phase I project will develop a carbon nanotube based filament that acts as an electron emitter. The carbon nanotube filament will be applied to air handling systems for the purpose of reducing volatile organic compounds and biological contaminants. When a voltage is applied to the carbon nanotube filament it emits an electron beam. Contaminants that are within the reaction chamber react with electrons and decompose into less toxic materials. The broader/commercial impact of the project will be the development of an improved electron beam source that requires lower voltage and does not produce x-ray radiation. The technology addresses both chemical and biological contaminants in air, which will make it an attractive solution with marketing potential. The device will be scalable from larger, commercial air handling systems to smaller-scale office and in-home devices

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