PA14-071 SBIR: Development and Application of a Liquid Reagent Drying System for CDC HIV-1 Pangroup M Genotyping Assay Reagents
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Rolf Muller

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Biomatrica Inc

5627 Oberlin Drive Suite 120
San Diego, CA 92121
   (858) 550-0308
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County: San Diego

Phase I

Contract Number: 1R43GH001236-01
Start Date: 5/1/15    Completed: 10/31/15
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HIV genotyping reagents require cold shipping and storage. Many of the resource limited settings where these reagents are used have unreliable and costly cold chain transport and storage. In this proposal, we will modify the reagents in the HIV-1 PanGroup M Genotyping Assay (HIV-1 PMGA) to allow for ambient temperature shipping and long term storage. The first aim of this proposal is to develop and optimize formulations to dry and store all of the reagents in module 1 of the HIV-1 PMGA. The second aim will test the lead formulations from aim 1 for their limit of viral RNA detection and the third aim will verify te sequence accuracy of samples processed using the modified kit. In the end, this project will develop multiple formulations that will allow the long term ambient temperate storage of the HIV-1 PMGA reagents that retain their genotyping efficacy.

Public Health Relevance Statement:

Public Health Relevance:
HIV genotyping is an important tool to monitor HIV-1 drug resistance in ART programs. This proposal will stabilize the RTPCR and PCR reagents in the CDC HIV-1 PanGroup M Genotyping Assay so they can be shipped and stored at ambient temperature. These stabilized reagents will be a more reliable and cost efficient strategy for HIV-1 genotyping in resource limited settings.

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