Novel Therapeutic Approach to Hypercholesterolemia Using Anti-Pcsk9 Selected Immune Repertoires
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Principal Investigator
Richard Shimkets

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Abeome Corporation

111 Riverbend Road Suite 145
Athens, GA 30605
   (706) 542-7889
Location: Single
Congr. District: 10
County: Clarke

Phase I

Contract Number: 1R43HL121909-01
Start Date: 2/12/14    Completed: 11/30/14
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We have developed and completed a proof-of-principle on a new transgenic mouse model for comprehensive characterization of the antibody repertoire made in response to ovalbumin injection using surface antibody capture and next-generation DNA sequencing technologies. A more commercially valuable proof is now sought using a novel screening method with an emerging drug target for hypercholesterolemia, known as PCSK9.

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Phase II

Contract Number: 2R44HL121909-02
Start Date: 9/19/16    Completed: 8/31/18
Phase II year
(last award dollars: 2017)
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We have developed and completed a proof-of-principle on a new transgenic mouse model for comprehensive characterization of the antibody repertoire made in response to PCSK9 injection, and have identified a set of high affinity neutralizing antibodies which will be tested in animals for efficacy and potency.

Public Health Relevance Statement:

Public Health Relevance:
Therapeutic and diagnostic applications of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) offer a way to target treatments to specific proteins. However, monoclonal antibodies have traditionally been made using hybridoma technologies which only access a small fraction of the immune system. Abeome has developed a novel method of antibody discovery using direct sorting of antigen- specific antibody producing cells. Thus, the immediate goal for this Phase 2 project is to test and improve Abeome's newly discovered antibodies that neutralize the PCSK9/LDLR interaction in animals to determine their efficacy and potency. Our ultimate goal is to develop an immuno- therapeutic for the treatment of hypercholesterolemia and to partner the technology with pharmaceutical/biotechnology companies.

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Atherosclerosis; Biotechnology; Cardiovascular; Digestive Diseases

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Affinity; animal efficacy; Animals; Antibodies; Antibody Repertoire; Antibody-Producing Cells; Antigens; Biological Assay; Biotechnology; Clinical; Diagnostic; Escherichia coli; Evaluation; Goals; Hybridomas; hypercholesterolemia; Immune; Immune system; improved; Injection of therapeutic agent; Methods; Modality; Monoclonal Antibodies; mouse model; neutralizing antibody; novel; novel therapeutic intervention; Pharmacologic Substance; Phase; Proteins; public health relevance; response; Sorting - Cell Movement; Technology; Testing; Therapeutic; Transgenic Mice