Smooth Dissolving Tablet Formulation for Measles Vaccine
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Vaccines are the most effective therapeutic tools in preventing diseases and raising quality of human life. One of the infectious agents, measles virus, has been practically eliminated through vaccine programs in developed countries, but globally the virus still remains a threat to children in less developed countries . Much of the issues stems from limited resources in the less developed countries to support the transport and storage of temperature sensitive vaccines, availability of healthcare personnel or medical infrastructure, and concerns for blood borne pathogen spreading with use of sharps. Recent studies have shown that live attenuated measles can be stably formulated in a dried form to be aerosalized or oral dosing, which would alleviate the concerns regarding sharp biohazard waste and blood borne pathogen contaminations. Here, the proposed formulation is to present a rapidly dissolving thin tableUfilm with measles virus mixed with proprietary polymers. The fast dissolving vaccine would quickly associate with tissues under the tongue and activate the immune system against measles. The ultimate goal is to demonstrate that the proposed polymer stabilizer will be more effective in training the immune system against measles virus while demonstrating longer shelf-life at higher temperatures.

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