Micro-pulse Q switched 2 micron laser for angioplasty
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Zbigniew Drozdowicz

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Quantronix Corporation

41 Research Way
East Setauket, NY 11733
   (631) 784-6100
Location: Single
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County: Suffolk

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Contract Number: 1R43HL045389-01
Start Date: 00/00/00    Completed: 00/00/00
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A commercial model of a pulsed, 2-micronwavelength, solid-state laser will be modified and tested for efficient Q-switched performance by forcing emission of a train of Q-switched micropulses. At least two different types of laser crystals_ Tm:Cr:YAG and Ho:Tm:Cr:YAG-will be used to investigate the differences in pulse parameters for the two- and three-step energy transfer mechanisms responsible for laser action in these crystals. Control over pulse-to-pulse separation and, therefore, over the energy per micropulse will be accomplished by varying the radio-frequency pulses controlling the Q-switch. Highly efficient operation is envisioned due to the ability to extract energy during all of the pumping cycle. Fused-silica fibers will be used to deliver laser radiation to tissue for a study of laser-tissue interactions. Special attention will be given to ablation of calcified and fibrotic plaques. The amount of acoustical damage to neighboring tissue, produced at fluences necessary to remove calcifications, will be studied as a function of laser wavelength, total pulse energy, and micropulse parameters. The starting laser parameters will be preselected for the tissue studies by analyzing acoustical signals in agar gel at various distances from the point of incidence.Awardee's statement of the potential commercial applications of the research:Favorable results from this research will lead to compact medical lasers that, by allowing a Q-switched or normalmode operation, will have the capability of high precision and large-volume ablation as well as coagulation. The systems will find applications in angioplasty, microsurgery, and lithotripsy, as well as in arthroscopic and ophthalmic procedures.National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NLBI)

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