Electronic exerciser for dependent vascular stasis
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James Dickey
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James W Dickey

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Prolonged sitting or bed rest leads to dependent edema and venous stasis, often progressing to debilitating illness. Discomfort and pathology are prevented by regular periodic ankle flexing. A new invention accomplishes this purpose comfortably, conveniently, and economically. It ensures compliance through a pedal mechanism whose appropriate motion elicits an electrical signal representing adequate flexing motion (stroke) and an electronic module counting up these strokes and deducting strokes at a preset rate. These processes are combined with an au dible signal warning the user when a prescribed number of motions has not been performed in a prescribed interval.An adjustable prototype including a computer is collecting design parameters on human subjects. The Phase I project will be for engineering a miniature electronic module with fixed parameters and pedal modules for 4 different applications: bed-fast patients; wheelchair pedals replacement; sitting at desk or TV; plane or car travel.An automatic angle-adjusting footrest is formed by the special pedal mechanism, further encouraging use. Effective design in Phase I will ensure economical production and thereby widespread use to prevent an illness affecting 25% of the population. It will offer the public an opportunity to participate in health care with comfort, convenience, and economy.National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI)

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