SeaJelly Soft Robotic STEM Kit for All Ages
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Joel Pedlikin
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GreenSight Agronomics (AKA:GreenSight Inc)

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In response to the Navys solicitation for soft robotics STEM kits, GreenSight and Florida Atlantic University propose to enhance the existing NSWC Carderocks SeaJelly project and to ready it for market entry as a complete kit. This jellyfish-inspired robotic platform has demonstrated the capability of captivating young minds with its biomimetic movement and form factor. The robot comprises an electronics canister, soft tentacles, pumps, and sensors for control. The team will improve the reliability and robustness of the design to minimize user issues and will employ consultants in the STEM project field to determine any new capabilities needed in order to make the kit a splash on market entry. Additionally, user guides and detailed instructions will be developed in tandem with the design updates to allow the kit to fold into existing STEM curriculums tailored to students ranging from K-12. In order to solve the difficult challenges around the world today, we need a steady pipeline of young American makers and SeaJelly can offer that initial spark of joy that comes from innovative STEM fields.

GreenSight is committed to the commercialization of the SeaJelly platform to ensure the greatest number of students can engage with the curriculum. These kits tap into a large market consisting of parents, STEM educators, after school clubs such as boy scouts, public and private school systems, as well as makers wanting to engage with engineering for fun long after their formal schooling has completed. This kit will be priced similarly to the alternatives on the market today and we anticipate a growth from about three thousand units per year in year one to tens of thousands per year by year five which would boast multi-million dollar sales. This aquatic STEM kit is not only a savvy business decision but has an even greater impact of increasing the pipeline of technical personnel who will be able to sustain Americas position as a world leader.

STEM kits, STEM kits, soft robotics, biomimicry, jellyfish platform, education

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