U2VIS: a Universal Unmanned Vehicle Interface System for Control of Heterogeneous Unmanned Vehicles (UXVs)
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Jeremy H Brown
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Jaybridge Robotics Inc (AKA:Rep Invariant Systems, Inc)

38 Cameron Avenue Suite 100
Cambridge, MA 02140
   (617) 500-9606
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Congressional District:   07
County:   Middlesex

Phase I

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Rep Invariant will develop a service-oriented software architecture, the Universal Unmanned Vehicle Interface System (U2VIS). U2VIS will control heterogeneous unmanned vehicles (UXVs) from the submarine Combat Control System (CCS) stations. U2VIS will support several formal and de facto standards, including STANAG 4586 for UAV control, AS-4 JAUS for UGV and UMV control, and also MOOS and CCL for UMV control. U2VIS will be non-proprietary and platform-independent. It will be an open, service-oriented architecture for easy extensibility. Given that UAV control has already been demonstrated from the CCS, U2VIS will not trade off a reduction of functionality in already-demonstrated UAV control in order to introduce UGV and UMV control. Uniquely, U2VIS will also support optionally integrating UXV-vendor-developed software to provide best-of-breed interfaces when controlling certain hardware in specific missions for which the software is already tailored. In Phase I, we will fully develop the U2VIS architecture design, implement a simple demonstrator software package illustrating a few key concepts, and evaluate existing non-proprietary common-controller software for suitability as an implementation basis for the full U2VIS system in Phase II.

Unmanned Vehicle Control, Unmanned Vehicle Control, Stanag 4586, U2vis, Common Controller, Jaus, Operator Control Unit (Ocu), Combat Control System (Ccs), Interoperabliity

Phase II

Phase II year
2013 (last award $$: 2013)
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Our Phase II effort has these major thrusts: * Implementing the U2VIS architecture and UI framework designed in Phase I, with third-party UXV software integration. * Designing interfaces and data models for planning, executing, and assessing *multivariant missions*, that is, missions that include primary and contingency components * Implementing the multivariant mission designs in the U2VIS prototype framework for usability testing. * Studying the software planning ecosystem on submarines and qat Jaybridge to determine the best point for Phase II.5/III implementation of the multivariant mission designs.

APB-13, APB-13, BYG-1, Logistics, mission planning, software, go-no-go decisions, Unmanned Systems