Innovative materials/manufacturing for a prototype 600-1000VDC DC/DC Converter for Shipboard Radar
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DOD : Navy
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Xioanan Lu

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Custom Manufacturing & Engineering Inc (AKA: CME)

3690 70th Avenue North
Pinellas Park, FL 33781
   (727) 547-9799
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Congr. District: 13
County: Pinellas

Phase I

Contract Number: N00167-11-P-0038
Start Date: 10/14/2010    Completed: 4/14/2011
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Future Navy Active Electronically Steered Array (AESA) radar systems demand higher peak and average power levels requiring development of high power density, isolated DC/DC converters for pulsed current loads. The Navy requires an advanced DC/DC converter design compatible with Transmit/Receive (T/R) Modules utilized in Navy AESA radar systems and compatible with shipboard power requirements. The power systems within AESA radar systems consume significant power, space and thermal management resources. During Phase I, we will identify, model, and develop an innovative converter design incorporating materials, technologies, and manufacturing processes that significantly improve performance and reliability. CME will evaluate components, perform simulations, develop a detailed design, and conduct proof of concept experiments. Our proposal provides specific design approach to the development of the converter to be initiated during Phase I. The objective is a high efficiency, high power density, low noise, 2.5 kW DC/DC converter for insertion into developing Air and Missile Defense Radar (AMDR) systems. Based on the Phase I design and any improvements in materials, technologies, and manufacturing processes developed, we will be ready to build and test a prototype DC/DC converter to support a Navy transition.

The successful dc/dc converter for shipboard AESA radar will be reliable, at lower cost, weight, and volume, and deliver low-noise and thermal performance required by the AMDR prime integrator. This project will assess and leverage advanced materials, technologies, and manufacturing processes to provide reliable, high performance power conversion for AMDR while minimizing cost, weight, volume, and thermal management infrastructure. The phase II developed DC/DC converter design will be transitioned into first articles and pilot production for integration into Navy systems, specifically AMDR. Private Sector Commercial Potential/Dual-Use Applications include reliable, high performance DC/DC converters are needed to support a number of emerging applications within the military and industry. Other large scale AESA systems for radar and communications (G/ATOR, JLENS, Space Based Radar, and GDPAA) are directly related system applications for the same high performance dc/dc converter technology.

Power, Power, AESA, EW, Radar, Low noise, DC/DC converter, AMDR, phased array

Phase II

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