Broadband GaN-based Power Amplifier for Airborne Tactical Communication Systems
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Zygmond Turski
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F & H Applied Science Associates Inc

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Wide Band Gap semiconductor technology offers today promise for a superior power amplifier (PA). More specifically, Gallium Nitrate (GaN) HEMT devices are shown to operate in extreme temperatures (~600C), exhibiting high breakdown voltages (~100V) and high current densities (~1.5A/mm). In order to meet Navy¡¯s challenging technical requirements in a cost effective manner, F&H proposes to develop a GaN HEMT based MMIC PA. During the Phase I, F&H proposes leveraging a custom 30W (5.4mm gate periphery) GaN HEMT developed by F&H under Air Force Phase-II program FA8651-05-C-0096. The characteristics of this, already paid for, custom device are ideally suited to meet the Navy requirements. We propose to characterize & accurately model this device for operation over the 225MHz¨C3,200MHz bandwidth. Using this model, the desired PA will be simulated and its performance determined. During Phase I we will also verify empirically the simulated results, using our custom, HEMT in a MIC lumped-elements embodiment. Ultimately, the feasibility of a GaN HEMT-based linear, high efficiency, PA will be determined. While meeting Navy requirements, cost effective MMIC PAs will benefit many other applications including LMDS, cellular (3G, 4G) and satellite. These vast markets will naturally lead to economy-of-scale pricing, in line with Navy objectives.

Gan, Gallium Nitrate, Hemt, Wide Band Gap, Power Amplifiers, High Efficiency Pa, Rf Power Amplifiers. Wideband.

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