Day/Night Ship Mounted Aircraft Approach and Landing Imaging Sensor
Award last edited on: 4/24/2002

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DOD : Navy
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J Richard Kerr

Company Information

Flir Systems Inc (AKA: Aerius Photonics LLC~TeleDyne FLIR LLC)

27700 SW Parkway Avenue
Wilsonville, OR 97070
   (503) 498-3547
Location: Single
Congr. District: 05
County: Clackamas

Phase I

Contract Number: N68335-96-C-0097
Start Date: 3/26/1996    Completed: 9/26/1996
Phase I year
Phase I Amount
This proposal addresses the monitoring and recording of aircraft operations in the carrier deck environment, including launching, recovery and deck handling. The problems associated with current systems include image blooming form intense energy sources (lights, engine exhaust, and solar), and performance in adverse conditions (darkness, haze, fog, and precipitation). In addition, problems exist with reliability, interchangeability, availability, and environmental ruggedness. We propose innovative technologies that will overcome these problems while offering other advantages. By using a high performance, mid wave infrared focal plane imager, combined with a high dynamic range CCD TV imager, we offer operability under highly adverse scene and weather conditions. Through image fusion processing, each camera's performance is enhanced by the other. This renders fully detailed real time images with both visible and infrared energy contributing to their composition. Tailoring the optics to the requirements results in a modular sensor that will perform to expectation in the respective applications and mounting locations. This sensor is installed in application specific housing at each location, thereby reducing spares requirements. Additional applications and benefits are described for commercial and military aviation, maritime operations, and surveillance systems; and in advanced military fire control systems.

Infrared Multimsensor Fusion Blooming Approach Landing Sensor Thermal

Phase II

Contract Number: N68335-97-C-0294
Start Date: 7/30/1997    Completed: 7/30/1999
Phase II year
Phase II Amount
This proposal addresses the monitoring and recording of Carrier aircraft approach and landing operations with and advanced centerline camera system. The proposed system combines a high sensitivity imager with a solid state, low-light-level visible camera, and provides real time image fusion between them. A design was presented in Phase I that utilizes the existing camera structure and aperture. It wad shown that, using newly available technology such a system will exceed stated performance requirements; it will also be immune to image "blooming" from bright sources in the scene. The infrared sensor will penetrate weather and darkness, and this thermal signature will be combined with subjectively familiar, visible-wavelength imagery. The objective of Phase II is to demonstrate effective operation that meets the Carrier requirements, as well as exhibiting strong commercial potential for a range of other applications. The effort involves implementing the Phase I design, by fabricating and integrating the dual sensor system and verifying its performance in the field. In the proposed Option, real time image fusion will be activated, and field demonstrated in a simulated or actual Carrier scenario.

Infrared Multisensor Fusion Blooming Approach Landing Sensor Thermal