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Graphics Processing Unit for Space-based Applications
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Neil Miller
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nLogic LLC

4901 Corporate Drive Suite H
Huntsville, AL 35805
   (256) 704-2525
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County:   Madison

Phase I

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In this effort we will develop a concept for the design of a high level assembly focused on radiation hardening a GPU for space based use. While our design minimizes size, weight, and power, its primary goal is GPU survival in missions in the inner Van Allen belt. We will perform modeling, simulations, and analysis of the critical elements of our design to quantify the amount of radiation received in 2-5 year scenarios. Using these tools, we will perform trade-off analyses of our design elements to arrive at a configuration that is optimized for GPU survival. We will validate the feasibility of our design using proof-of-principle experiments and by providing proof-of-concept documentation. Our proof-of-concept documentation will include technical requirements, a technology development plan and schedule, predicted GPU performance metrics, and a transition risk assessment. Our collaboration with our teammate Boeing ensures the applicability of our design to initiate technology transition. Approved for Public Release | 18-MDA-9817 (23 Oct 18)

Phase II

Phase II year
2020 (last award dollars: 2020)
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In this effort we will fabricate a prototype or engineering demonstration unit of the space-based graphics processing unit (GPU) technology using designs, techniques, and architectures from previous phase. We will characterize and test the GPU and provide the real-time processing performance and perform radiation testing on the developed prototype. Approved for Public Release | 19-MDA-10270 (18 Nov 19)