Advanced Intermetallic Matrix Composites
Award last edited on: 11/18/2002

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Raymond J Weimer

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Cordec Corporation

7371-C Lockport Place Box 188
Lorton, VA 22079
   (703) 550-8044
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County: Fairfax

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Many current and planned defense aerospace programs depend critically upon rapid development of lightweight composite materials having unprecedented high-temperature properties. Continuous fiber reinforced Intermetallic Matrix Composites (IMC's) have the potential to meet these performance requirements, and considerable research effort is now devoted to developing them. We recently demonstrated a novel method for manufacturing continuous silicon carbide fiber-reinforced titanium aluminide composites with excellent fiber distribution in a fine-grained matrix. Offering the materials designer remarkable access to microstructural variables, the process facilitates synthesis of non-equilibrium structures that will be exploited in Phase I to lower traditional consolidation and shaping temperatures from 1300 degree to 600 degree. A variety of continuous IMC precursors will be fabricated, consolidated, and characterized. Phase II would demonstrate pilot-scale production of IMC precursors and reproducibility of the consolidation and forming processes for prototype engineering structures.

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