Long pulsewidth low duty cycle carbon dioxide transmitter
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Peter P Chenausky
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Q Source Inc

91 Prestige Park Circle
East Hartford, CT 06108
   (860) 291-0120
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Congressional District:   01
County:   Hartford

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This study investigates a concept for improving the average power of radar quality C02 transmitters. Defense applications include laser radars and remote sensing. Commercial uses are industrial processes such as cutting, scribing, and marking, as well as remote sensing.

Phase II

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1990 (last award $$: 1990)
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QSource's Long Pulsewidth, Low Duty Cycle CO2 Transmitter contains a significant innovation in high average power radar quality CO2 transmitter technology. Future tracking and identification of strategic targets in space could be significantly enhanced if the technology proposed can be scaled to the CW output powers having the required size and efficiency appropriate to military missions. The transmitter can also be applied to a new generation of low cost CO2 lasers for cutting, scribing, marking and remote sensing.