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QUASH – A Quantum Safe Blockchain
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Nof Abuzainab
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Intelligent Automation Inc (AKA:Iai)

15400 Calhoun Drive Suite 190
Rockville, MD 20855
   (301) 294-5200
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County:   Montgomery

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The blockchain technology offers a distributed security mechanism which is resilient to denial-of-service attacks. Thus, the blockchain constitutes a favorable solution to be utilized to protect mission-critical data during wartime. However, current blockchain systems are not designed to be resilient against large physical attacks such as nuclear or electromagnetic pulse. Also, current Blockchain systems rely on conventional security tools, such as the RSA signature scheme which can be easily attacked with the advent of quantum computers. Thus, blockchain systems should be redesigned to be resistant to large scale physical and quantum attacks, in order to ensure the continuity of operations. To address this critical need, Intelligent Automation, Incorporated (IAI) proposes to develop a Quantum-safe Blockchain (QUASH). The key innovation of QUASH is to design a resilient quantum safe and modular blockchain which can persist against large scale physical attacks. QUASH supports several security levels and offers a plug-and-play architecture that allows the integration and replacement of the quantum-proof digital signature, making QUASH always compliant to the standards. QUASH system performance will be verified with high fidelity tests.

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