AI-Enabled Testing and Analysis System
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James Crowder
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Colorado Engineering Inc (AKA:Colorado Engineering Analysis~CEI)

1915 Jamboree Drive Suite 165
Colorado Springs, CO 80920
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Congressional District:   05
County:   El Paso

Phase I

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Colorado Engineering, Inc. and ISEA TEK (the CEI Team) propose research and development of an AI-enabled system that would be applied to the energetic testing system/database to enhance the characterization and test analysis capabilities. This would include automated data analytics to show historical trends, performance comparisons, data errors, and missing/ambiguous test results. The AI-Enabled Testing and Analysis System that the CEI Team proposes will monitor and correlate all energetic materials testing equipment, procedures, and results, correlating all data/information across spatial and temporal characteristics. The system will automatically provide information to personnel when data are missing (additional testing required), which test, or combination of tests, need to be performed in order to attain the missing or otherwise faulty data. In addition, the system will continually learn over time as to which testing procedures best produce and correlate with what types of data/information. This includes continuous Integrated System Health Monitoring (ISHM) to report when re-calibration may be required.

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