LabAR: An Augmented Reality Learning System for STEM
Award last edited on: 8/4/2020

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Principal Investigator
Joshua Chan

Company Information

LightUp Inc

2660 South El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA 94403
   (732) 705-1198
Location: Single
Congr. District: 18
County: Santa Clara

Phase I

Contract Number: 91990019C0029
Start Date: 6/24/2019    Completed: 2/24/2020
Phase I year
Phase I Amount
The team will develop a new component of the AR app, a prototype with computer vision and recognition software to present real-world phenomena that are ordinarily not observable in nature. In Phase I, the research team will create a magnetism module would show students the invisible magnetic field all around them and how it interacts with magnetic objects. At the end of Phase I, in a pilot study with 50 high school students and 2 teachers, the researchers will examine whether the prototype and newly developed components function as planned, whether students and teachers understand the interface and screen flow of each activity, and whether students demonstrate increased engagement and learning outcomes when using the AR learning modules.

Phase II

Contract Number: 91990020C0086
Start Date: 6/14/2020    Completed: 6/17/2022
Phase II year
Phase II Amount
This project will fully develop LabAR, an augmented reality (AR) app for students to perform hands-on physical science investigations. Using the on-device camera, LabAR will augment the environment around the user with simulated instruments and equipment, real-time data visualizations, and annotations. The simulation will be designed to look and feel realistic to maximize transferability of knowledge between the simulation and the real world. Designed to be integrated with standard instructional practices, LabAR will include 40 modules with hands-on investigation aligned to a particular NGSS standard. The project will also provide a teacher handbook to support classroom implementation.