Use of interactive speech recognition for teaching spoken Chinese and Korean
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William Pailen
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Pailen-Johnson Associates Inc

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Phase I

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The Phase I research will identify and investigate features of the Chinese and Korean languages that can be exploited successfully by voice recognition methods for the purpose of language instruction for beginning, intermediate and advanced students, and will compare and evaluate the effectiveness of alternative voice recognition methods in distinguishing characteristic words and phrases in the two languages. The research will also assess the allowable and desirable degree and manner of deviation of the student's speech from a reference vocabulary of sounds produced by native speakers and how those deviations may be accommodated. Further, the research will investigate efficient means to interface the voice recognition system to an adaptive system for guiding students through learning materials according to their learning progress.

Anticipated Results:
The result of the Phase I research will be a prototype of a system architecture to support language instruction with automated assessment of the students progress and adaptive selection of student exercises in order to adjust the progress through a lesson plan to the specific needs of each student. The results will have commercial applications in language training, music applications, and computer user interfaces.

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