Highly Integrated, Low Cost SiC Power Modules with Modified Substrates for High Performance and Ease of Manufacturing
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Adam Morgan

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Nomis Power Group LLC

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Contract Number: DE-SC0022676
Start Date: 6/27/2022    Completed: 6/26/2023
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The global adoption of electric vehicles (EV) will require a rapid deployment of EV charging stations. Similarly, the expanding deployment of renewable energy resources will necessitate power conversion infrastructure to interface with the electric grid. Therefore, in order to facilitate these critical technologies, and meet the major decarbonization goals set by the U.S. government and others around the globe, NoMIS Power is working to accelerate the clean tech revolution in the 21st Century by enabling the widespread adoption of silicon carbide (SiC) devices in the global power management industry. And, in the process, help develop an indigenous U.S.-based supply chain for this critical technology, such as EV fast chargers, solid-state transformers and DC protection equipment, HVDC converters, and locomotive traction and industrial motor drives. Through this U.S. Department of Energy SBIR funding, NoMIS Power intends to bring to market within two years SiC power modules at less than half the cost of today’s commercial-off-the-shelf-solutions. The two year goal will be achieved by sourcing chips from U.S. suppliers, in-house development of innovative SiC device and module design that will lower manufacturing costs and meet IEC standards, and power module manufacturing in the U.S., followed by the incorporation of supporting technical advancements and rigorous testing by our team members at leading U.S. research institutions. During Phase I, the team will develop an electric-field grading approach by comparing materials and electro-physical topologies aimed at reducing thermal resistance, while simultaneously increasing high voltage withstand capability, for improved reliability. The proposed packaging technology will allow for cheaper, more robust, and more easily manufacturable SiC power modules, facilitating adoption by remaining compatible with industry standard packaging processes.

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