Load leveling using a microprocessor controlled magnetically suspended flywheel energy storage system
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James A Kirk
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This project will employ an innovative flywheel energystorage system, suited for leveling the electric load to aresidence. The system will consist of a magnetically suspendedcomposite material flywheel integrated with a brushless DC motorgenerator. A DC to AC inverter will interface the energy storagesystem with the residence. The charge and discharge cycles will becontrolled by a "smart" microprocessor control unit that willanalyze the load profile of the residence for a predeterminedamount of time and automatically establish charge and dischargecycles. The microprocessor will easily incorporate newprogrammable load profiles to be programmed by the home owner orthe utility company. The flywheel will be enclosed in an evacuatedhousing that can be placed outside or inside the residence. PhaseI consists of design of the flywheel and control system.Anticipated Results/Potential Commercial Applications as described by the awardee:Successful completion of Phase I will show that the load leveling design is feasible, economically competitive, andenvironmentally advantageous. The immediate benefit of this energystorage system will be to level the power consumption load of theresidential sector. Because this energy storage system is ofmodular design, the system will be applicable to larger apartmentand commercial buildings by using several energy storage systems inseries.

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