Stratospheric HAPS for enhancing societal resilience to extreme weather
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Raymond Chan

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Strato Solutions Inc

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Phase I

Contract Number: NA21OAR0210499
Start Date: 9/1/21    Completed: 2/28/22
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Remote areas, particularly over the oceans, represent regions with the least observation coverage and contribute significantly to reducing the potential accuracy of Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) models. In addition to space-based observations, dropsondes are possibly the only viable meteorological sensors for use over remote areas, where there is no cost-effective approach to permit regular release of radiosondes. Technology improvements have enabled the miniaturization in the size and weight of dropsondes, thereby allowing new approaches for dropsonde stowage and deployment. Solar-powered stratospheric high altitude pseudo-satellite (HAPS) unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are a new class of unmanned aircraft capable of flying continuously in the stratosphere for several months between landings. The integration of these miniaturized dropsonde to HAPS UAVs opens a level of weather data gathering not possible today. The goal of the Phase I project is to validate that the HAPS-Dropsonde system specification (i.e. sensor capability, reliability in operational environment) meets that of existing dropsondes, identify additional sensor technologies to enhance observation data value, and develop the mission planning system for the “Stratosonde” platform through analysis of mission scenarios with end users and subject matter exper

Phase II

Contract Number: NA22OAR0210497
Start Date: 8/1/22    Completed: 7/31/24
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There is a clear need to improve weather forecasting accuracy. The greatest contributions to forecast uncertainty is a lack of meteorological observations over remote areas and areas experiencing pronounced convective activity. StratoSolutions’ new high-altitude balloon (HAB) platform with mini-dropsonde is a disruptive new uncrewed meteorological observation data source able to collect data at regular intervals over the course of several days from remote regions in a cost-effective manner. This will result in reliable and accurate observations with high vertical resolution from remote areas of the globe benefit multiple industries and provide improved early forecasting. In this effort, HAB launch campaigns will be performed targeting tropical storms in the Atlantic and atmospheric rivers in the Pacific. Weather data will be collected and assimilated into weather models to determine forecast improvement against existing forecasts and actual weather conditions