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Integration of Novel Component Anti-Counterfeit Protection with Ultra Low Noise Programmable DC Digital Power Supply for Mission Critical Applications
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Daniel Bird
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QorTek Inc (AKA:EMF Technologies Inc)

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Linden, PA 17704
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There are many challenges with sustainment of long term supply chain of electronics parts necessary to ongoing support of fielded defense vehicles.One such example is the keyboard power supply installed on the Naval Landing Craft Air Cushion (LCAC) vehicle. These supplies are no longer readily available and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) has need for an alternate supplier that can qualify as a new approved source for the Service Life Extension Program (SLEP) activities.A replacement supplier will need to create a Technical Data Package (TDP) for this part.With 20 years of experience in the power electronics industry, QorTek is fully cognizant of the issues with sourcing components and maintaining parts supply along with challenges of parts obsolescence, non-equivalent parts replacement, and the problem of counterfeit or recycled part reliability. During Phase I QorTek will complete a total reverse engineering process of the presently used power supply and complete the design of a form-fit-function equivalent power supply by completing the TDP this will include a detailed manufacture and supply plan that will assure DLA of QorTeks ability to be a qualified approved source and provide long-term parts supply.

Phase II

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2021 (last award dollars: 2021)
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This Phase II program will focus on establishing XTG (pronounced X-Tag) as a more fully integrated cradle-to-grave, track-and-trace oversight standard for DOD Supply Chain Components.  The XTG track-and-trace technology provides authentication, traceability, and a higher standard of security with an information rich system able to record each tagged product’s full provenance production history.  These features, combined with anti-counterfeit/tamper resistant tags and labeling, will greatly assist in eliminating the use of counterfeit products and ensure the safety and effectiveness of defense systems.  This effort will fully demonstrate and implement the XTG technology into the Polaris (Lockheed Martin Division) Manufacturing Process, via their Solumina Manufacturing Control Package Software, for the production of QorTek Power Modules in support of Lockheed Martin’s MK48 MOD7 Torpedo Guidance and Control production contra