Compact 20 Watt Alkaline Electrolyte DMFC System
Award last edited on: 3/1/2007

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DOD : Army
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Mohammad Enayetullah

Company Information

Protonex Technology Corporation

153 Northboro Road
Southborough, MA 01772
   (508) 490-9960
Location: Multiple
Congr. District: 02
County: Worcester

Phase I

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Protonex proposes to develop a methanol fueled alkaline fuel cell (AFC) stack and corresponding system that can supply 20Watts for a period up to three days. During the proposed effort, the team of Protonex Technology and ICET, Inc. will jointly develop an alkaline electrolyte based Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC). The proposed effort will allow the development of cost effective, manufacturable DMFC; alkaline DMFCs, unlike their acid counterparts, do not require MEAs, presently the most costly and complex stack component. Phase I tasks include alkaline/MeOH electrode design/development (ICET) and alkaline DMFC stack development/manufacturing (Protonex). Phase II work will be dedicated to development of a completely functional pre-commercial 20 Watt alkaline DMFC system designed specifically for the U.S. Army's application. The project team is highly qualified to develop the proposed system. Protonex is the leader in development of small (10 to 1000Watt) H2/Air fuel cell stacks and corresponding systems. Specifically, Protonex has developed H2/Air stacks and systems that are best in class in terms of weight, volume and cost. ICET has considerable fuel cell expertise, including electrode fabrication and testing, catalyst development/preparation (for methanol oxidation reaction and oxygen MeOH tolerant reduction catalysts) and macrocyclic catalyst discovery/synthesis

Phase II

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