Soldier-Driven Distance Learning Tools and Components (Learning System)
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Frank Farance
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Farance Inc

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New York, NY 10044
   (212) 486-4700
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County:   New York

Phase I

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This proposal changes the focus of Intelligent Tutoring Systems from the provider (courseware, software, hardware) to the student. This focus promotes the development of open, interoperable systems. In turn, these systems reduce the cost to the student; school system, military because the provider conforms to open specifications (in contrast to proprietary solutions). We propose the following for Phase I: a system architecture specification, a student motion language specification, student records specification. We include prototype tools and mockuup course to demonstrate the feasibility of this approach. We intend to participate in industry standards and other public forums to promote this approach, these concepts, and the specifications. A unique feature of our proposal is to make the tools publically available. Like the success of the World Wide Web (Mosaic was publically available, Netscape commenrcialized it), we believe this approach will (1) standardize the key interfaces and promote interoperability, (2) provide low-cost solutions (download tools from the Internet). Commercial and publically available Intelligent Tutoring Systems.

Phase II

Phase II year
1997 (last award $$: 1997)
Phase II Amount
This proposal continues the work of Phase 1 SBIR A96-066, Student Centered Learning System. The research, architecture, and prototyped tools developed during Phase 1 will be expanded and productized to meet the needs of specific target markets identified in the education industry. This SBIR will innovatively provide cost-effective tools in markets where current tools do not meet the needs in an appropriate manner. This effort will result in a major paradigm shift in the ownership maintenance, and security of student records, and will leverage education technology in the entertainment industry. This proposal directly supports the Army's Personal Learning Systems program for student-centered learning, contributes to the Army's Distance Learning program, and provides direct input to the IEEE 1484 Working and Study Groups for standards in learning and intelligent Systems technology. Here is how the tools developed under this Phase 2 effort will directly support the objectives of the Personal Learning System (PLS) Initiative, as well as much of the Army's vision and requirements from FOCs, Warrior XXI, the Army distance Learning Plan, and the Army Science Board studies.