Fabric-based garment sensors for real-time monitoring of cognitive load, awareness, and ?decision making for USAF pilots
Award last edited on: 5/31/2022

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George Sun

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Nextiles Inc

19 Morris Avenue Building 128
Brooklyn, NY 11205
   (310) 985-5901
Location: Single
Congr. District: 07
County: Kings

Phase I

Contract Number: FA8649-22-P-0358
Start Date: 11/5/2021    Completed: 2/3/2022
Phase I year
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Nextiles develops fabric-based, non-invasive sensors that conform to the complex human geometries and movements of a pilot’s body to measure vital physiological measurements from take-off to landing. Nextiles extracts this data and, using machine learning...

Phase II

Contract Number: FA8649-22-P-1074
Start Date: 7/20/2022    Completed: 10/23/2023
Phase II year
Phase II Amount
Nextiles will perform R&D of new fabric-based sensor materials to monitor human performance for the DAF and DoD. Specifically, Nextiles will leverage its AFWERX Phase I and Phase II projects to deliver a fabric-based sensing technology incorporated into goggles or head masks for warfighter pilots. Nextiles’ Phase I effort conducted internal feasibility studies to determine the timeline and viability of the development of fabric-based sensor materials to measure heart rate, breathing rate, muscle activity, and holistic motion patterns on a single garment. The proposed deliverable for Phase II is a fabric-based sensing platform focused on eye activity, and other skin-based measurements such as heart-rate, for cognitive load and awareness analysis. Nextiles will use the Phase II project period to develop highly conductive electrodes through form-fitting fabric-based sensors (i.e. EXG electrodes) that can perform simultaneous and continuous vital health measurements through skin-voltage measurements. Sensors will be sewn into a lightweight garment on the helmet and/or chest of a pilot’s suit for EOG/EKG monitoring. Nextiles will provide fabric-based EXG electrodes that can be placed over the eyes or integrated into an existing face covering for fighter pilots during training and in combat. The prototype will be used for long-term electrical recordings of eye movement activity and signals will be transmitted to a receiving device for data storage and analysis. As a follow-on Phase 11b the data will then be analyzed to generate automated reports and metrics for eye activity, focus, and correlations against fatigue, cognitive load, and awareness. The technology proposed by Nextiles produces a sensorized fabric-based garment, where the battery and Bluetooth (or other types of wireless communication device) are sewn in through Nextiles connector IP. In addition, the garment can be worn and washed multiple times, reducing the logistical and costly hassle of using single-use plastic-based electrodes. More so, the device will be tailored to fit and comfortably wearable for the pilot, which will increase use, compliance, and quality of data collection. The main goals of our involvement in this project are: Test and manufacture EXG electrode materials for skin-voltage pickup Develop mock prototype to assess comfortability, wear, and user-experience of the device. Prototype to be delivered to the DAF end-user for feedback. Develop sensorized prototype that measures ocular movement. Device will include wired and wireless modules to transmit data in CSV format to a receiving device. Preliminary data science analysis will be performed to ensure data quality meets the needs and standards of the DAF customer and end-user. Prototype to be delivered to end-user. Demonstration of end-to-end data communication from prototype to receiving device.