Utility of a wearable thermal device for optimizing sleep
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Matthew Smith
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EMBR Labs Inc (AKA:Environment, Mind, Body Resonance Labs)

288 Norfolk Street Suite 4a
Cambridge, MA 02139
   (413) 218-0629
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Congressional District:   07
County:   Middlesex

Phase I

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Embr Labs has developed novel dynamic warming and cooling technology that enables construction of devices that are small enough to be worn on the body (ie, bracelet) but powerful enough to change perception of environmental temperature by an average of 5º Fahrenheit. Over 65,000 Embr devices have already been sold directly to consumers and are currently being used to improve thermal comfort (ie, environmental temperature perception) as well as other temperature-sensitive aspects of wellness (ie, improving sleep quality, reducing stress, improving mood). The Embr Labs technology can be customized to address the unique thermoregulatory needs of the military. Potential applications include improving thermal comfort in the aviation sector where the flight environment is subject to extreme temperature fluctuations. Other potential applications of the Embr Labs technology include improving sleep quality, stress management, and mood, which is critical for military personnel who experience a higher rate of physical and mental health problems as a result of a high stress work environment. Embr Labs proposes to engage with Air Force thought leaders/advisors to better understand the unique needs they face and to identify how Embr Labs can modify our technology to address those needs.

Phase II

Phase II year
2022 (last award $$: 2022)
Phase II Amount
The Embr Wave, Embr Lab’s flagship product, is a smart wrist-wearable (similar to a smartwatch) that generates low-intensity warming and cooling. The Embr Wave changes the perception of temperature by 5ºF and is used by customers to improve thermal comfort, manage temperature-related conditions (eg, hot flashes), improve sleep, and reduce stress. Since 2017, over 80,000 Embr Wave devices have been sold directly to consumers. The technology in the Embr Wave offers a novel solution for improving sleep and reducing fatigue, which impairs human performance. Embr Labs has engaged with stakeholders at the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) / 711th Human Performance Wing (711 HPW), which has a national defense-related mission need of sustaining and enhancing airman performance. The proposed Phase II SBIR will be to develop the Embr Sleep, a novel thermal device designed specifically to improve sleep in USAF pilots experiencing fatigue due to poor sleep and circadian disruption. The technology in the Embr Sleep will be designed with the goal of giving users access to thermal technology that allows them to be better able to fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up and that meets the comfort and durability requirements of Air Force end-users.