Secure Cyber-Resilient Communications
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Ronald S Indeck
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Q-Net Security Inc

1034 S Brentwood Boulevard Floor 23 Suite Ph-1b
Saint Louis, MO 63117
   (314) 495-3539
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Congressional District:   02
County:   St. Louis

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Q-Net Security (QNS) will apply its quantum compute-resistant network technology to secure drone communication. This demonstration will be an example of the remarkable strong protection QNS can provide for airborne wide area networks, wide-band air-to-air communications and mobile ad hoc networks. Secure and robust communications in the field is a non-negotiable requirement for mission success. QNS technology works with existing communications infrastructure, strong enough to enable use of public networks, and is currently deployed in commercial settings that use copper and fiber, Wi-Fi, LTE, and satellite links. QNS products are engineered from immutable, purpose-built hardware and do not use any operating systems or other vulnerable software; they are provably-secure and cannot be changed or respond to malware. This drop-in secure network overlay has attributes that are characterized as a distributed firewall together with session-less VPN tunnels that can also be configured to provide fine-grained network micro-segmentation. In addition to ultra-strong encryption, the QNS solution leverages superior packet authentication to ensure that unauthenticated data packets cannot disrupt or pass through a QNS endpoint. These devices deliver remarkably strong security yet are easy to implement, can provide unified endpoint management, and never need to be updated or patched once deployed.

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