Mutliphysics Modeling Software for Directed Energy Bioeffects
Award last edited on: 9/18/2023

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Sebastian Liska

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Nanohmics Inc (AKA: Nanohmics LLC)

6201 East Oltorf Street Suite 400
Austin, TX 78741
   (512) 389-9990
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Congr. District: 35
County: Travis

Phase I

Contract Number: FA8650-19-P-6072
Start Date: 7/18/2019    Completed: 7/18/2020
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The need to understand and characterize the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation in numerous military, industrial, and medical applications has motivated the development of several high-fidelity simulation software packages. The downside of these software packages is that, due to the complexity of the multiphysics phenomena and large computational requirements associated with physics-level bioeffects simulations, they are often highly specialized and difficult to extend. One possible solution is to develop a new, highly-versatile multiphysics simulation framework to accommodate the rapidly changing requirements of applications and the new findings of research investigations. Nanohmics, Inc. proposes to develop design specifications for the interface and implementation of the Modular Open Electromagnetic BIoeffects Unified Simulation (MOEBIUS) frameworka new, highly-versatile multiphysics simulation environment that facilitates the fast, incremental implementation and refinement of new bioeffects computational models, while mitigating the severity of tradeoffs between flexibility, ease-of-use, accuracy, and computation speed. Design specifications will be informed by a review of state-of-the-art open source multiphysics frameworks and task-specialized libraries. The feasibility of developing the MOEBIUS framework will be demonstrated through a prototype implementation that will include solvers for a representative subset of bioeffects mechanisms.multiphysics,Simulation,Biological effects,Modeling,High Performance Computing,OPTICS,Radio Frequency,Open Source

Phase II

Contract Number: FA8650-22-C-6447
Start Date: 7/25/2022    Completed: 10/25/2022
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Nanohmics is developing a versatile software framework┬ŚModular Open Electromagnetic BIoeffects Unified Simulation (MOEBIUS)┬Śfor modeling directed energy bioeffects and other multiphysics phenomena. MOEBIUS is a Python framework designed to provide a colle