Active Morphing Blade (AMB) Prototype to Improve Aerodynamic Performance
Award last edited on: 9/20/2022

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Principal Investigator
Claudia Maldonado

Company Information

Atrevida Science LLC (AKA: Atrevia Science~Claudia Maldonado Hall)

8941 Galway Terrace
Clarence Center, NY 14032
   (716) 320-0449

Research Institution

University of Buffalo

Phase I

Contract Number: FA8649-19-P-A052
Start Date: 8/2/2019    Completed: 8/2/2020
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The PI has worked on a design concept for a wind turbine blade with adaptive twist transformation. The design improves wind capture and reduces loading on the system drivetrain turbine by adapting the twist distribution in relation to wind speed. Structural adaptability is enabled by actuating a series of compliant segments that are mounted on a relatively rigid spar. The segments are assumed to have a unique stiffness achievable through additive manufacturing technology. The proposed work is focused on the experimental studies of twist angle distribution along a single blade segment and also a blade section including two segments, each of which has predetermined compliance. These tests are used to evaluate the performance of the proposed adaptive blade, design technique, and hence the feasibility of the proposed idea. The structural design of the prototype to achieve the considered properties are conducted and prototypes are fabricated and tested during the proposed period. Additionally, the commercial viability of the proposed idea in the aerospace industry is investigated by interviewing experts involved in the design and production of aircraft. These outcomes will enable our team to write the Phase II application which will be prepared in the last month of the proposed investigation.adaptive blade,variable twist,twist angle sensitivity,blade testing,additive manufacturing,aerostructure customer discovery,flexible materials,twist angle distribution

Phase II

Contract Number: FA8649-20-P-0414
Start Date: 2/14/2020    Completed: 2/14/2022
Phase II year
Phase II Amount
Atrevida Science and the University at Buffalo are developingan active morphing blade with an adaptive twist transformation. The design improves the performance of rotating aerodynamic structures.