Network Health Monitoring and Diagnosis for Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) Training
Award last edited on: 4/26/2007

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Stephen Berglie

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Virtual Technology Corporation (AKA: VTC)

5510 Cherokee Avenue Suite 350
Alexandria, VA 22312
   (703) 658-7050
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County: Fairfax

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The promise of simulation to make training more effective, reduce cost, and increase operational readiness is nowhere more apparent than in Air Force Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) training simulations. With increased complexity in simulation systems, particularly in distributed environments, it is necessary to ensure simulator system performance does not negatively impact training transfer. Under this research effort, Virtual Technology Corporation will design and prototype an embedded network monitoring and diagnosis system that can efficiently measure and optimize the interactive performance of entities within and across DMO simulations. This tool, called Distributed Mission Operations - Networked Simulation Training Remediation Automation Tool (DMO-NSTRAT), will provide a fully integrated, real-time, simulation performance monitoring and measurement capability, compatible with current DIS and HLA standards to support operation within a DMO. This will permit engineers and training researchers to understand the linkage between simulation performance and training effectiveness, display relevant entity attributes, and display performance information in a format that is easy to understand and allows pinpointing of potential simulation performance and training issues. This research builds upon VTC's considerable expertise and experience in distributed simulation design and infrastructure and our capable federation management and control, data collection and analysis, and enterprise management tools and technologies

Phase II

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DMO-NSTRAT is an innovative solution for automated identification/remediation of distributed simulation-based training performance requirements that provides real time monitoring and control capabilities, maximum training effectiveness and measurable ROI based on leveraging technologies developed as part of our Virtual Control commercial product. In Phase I, VTC addressed DMOĆ­s requirements for minimizing training impact by leveraging our distributed training tools and experience, and focusing efforts based on DMO SME inputs to develop and refine a decision tree-based approach. The DMO-NSTRAT prototype validated the conceptual approach and provided the basis for Phase II milestones to: deliver a functional capability early; allow real world testing/validation; and provide functionality updates based on DMO integration. Key objectives for Phase II include

Distributed Simulation, Network Performance Monitoring, Network Performance Diagosis, Distributed Mission Operations (Dmo) Training Simulations, High