Investigation of Ignition Delay: Novel beta-Substituted Ethylazide Derivatives as Potential New Liquid Propellant Fuels
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Kent Richman

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American Pacific Corporation (AKA: AMPAC~Pacific Engineering & Production Co~PEPCON)

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Few replacements for hydrazine-based propellants have been developed over the years. One potential candidate is 2-azido-N,N-dimethylethanamine (DMAZ). Unfortunately, DMAZ-IRFNA systems have exhibited ignition delays significantly longer than MMH-IRFNA systems. We are proposing the synthesis and testing of a novel -substituted ethylazide derivatives that will overcome the longer ignition delays of DMAZ-IRFNA systems while maintaining or even enhancing performance. Thermochemical calculations show a comparable Isp between our novel -substituted ethylazide derivatives and DMAZ or MMH, under equivalent operating conditions. Initial QSAR calculations indicate this material is significantly less toxic than hydrazine and its derivatives. These novel -substituted ethylazide derivatives can be prepared in a simple two-step process from readily available starting materials. By leveraging our current R&D efforts and building upon collaborations already in place, we propose, in the Phase I effort, to synthesize quantities of this new material sufficient to obtain useful energetic and ignition delay data. This data will make a significant contribution to the search for new efficient fuels, with low environmental hazards for future propulsion systems

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