Self-Aligning Composite Monotapes for Homogeneous Reinforcement of High Temperature Metal Matrix Composites
Award last edited on: 9/20/2002

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Raymond J Weimer

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Cordec Corporation

7371-C Lockport Place Box 188
Lorton, VA 22079
   (703) 550-8044
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The extraordinary potential of high-temperature composite materials to meet the engineering design challenges presented by advanced turbine engines and hypersonic flight vehicle airframes is well known. However, their implementation has been seriously impeded by excessive variability in materials properties due to somewhat unpredictable microstructures subject to a host of possible defects. A novel composite monotape fabrication process is proposed which will guarantee exceptional material homogeneity. Specifically, monofilament reinforcements will be homogeneously distributed in a pore-free matrix having extremely uniform grain size. The nature of the process yields consistent fiber/matrix interface quality, virtually eliminating surface contamination. Phase I will develop the process on a laboratory scale, focusing on characterization of the geometric and microstructural features of the new materials. Prototype consolidation will be conducted. Phase II will refine, automate, and scale up the monotape process. Engineering prototypes of flight hardware will be fabricated for test and evaluation. OPTION TASK: $19,985

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