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Expert systems for joining composite materials
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William L Murphy
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Abaris (AKA:Abaris Training Resources, Inc)

5401 Longley Lane Suite 49
Reno, NV 89511
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An expert system requirements and development program is proposed to achieve an expert system for joining composite materials. The need is to assist design engineers to access large amounts of joint design and data that is available. The expert system will provide alphanumeric and graphics information to the designer to assist in the optimum selection of composite materials joining techniques. The research will include the development of an architecture of an expert system, a knowledge tree of composites and of joining techniques, and the hierarchy of potential applications. The databases of composite joining materials, joint details, and procedures that exist should be accessed. A method by which new information can be collected and organized may be required. The next task will be to examine available expert system shells for their applicability to the project. A simple model system will be developed using an available development and run-time shell, XI plus or EXSYS, to further explore the interaction of the rules and database. The input/output devices will be examined to determine if voice, a mousex or touch will assist the designer. A Phase II effort would result in a run-time system that was modular in concept and expandable to incorporate new databases as they become available.

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