Tech Seeker Portal

The approach has meant that many real relationships and actual deals come out of being involved in an ASSETs event - or the other parts of the overall system. This has proven very useful to a range of Tech Seekers interested in being able systematically to tap into the SBIR-STTR talent pool. These firms do tend to be repeat participants.
However, some of those tasked with responsibility to access external competencies may be less SBIR experienced and/or not not sure what types of relationships might make sense. Therefore, TWO levels of Tech Seeker participation are offered.

Levels of Participation
Full Seeker status:
Observer status

SBIR-experienced Tech Seekers
On a first-come, first served basis, provision is made for some 10-12 Tech Seekers willing and able
   -- to work with us pre-event actively to identify those areas of technology interest and the requisite skills sets of particular importance to them and
   -- to interact before and during the event with that carefully selected population of SBIR-involved firms identified as having the requisite capabalities and skill-sets to meet those requirements

Pro-active Observer status:
Space is being made for 4-5 corporate entities with Tech Seeker professional responibility to participater in Observer role