Autonomous Solutions Inc
Business Identifier: unmanned vehicles
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Autonomous Solutions, Inc. designs and manufactures unmanned vehicles, software, and components for various industrial and agricultural customers, and government/military agencies in the United States. The company offers Chaos, a small robot platform for military and industrial operations, which is used in various applications, including mobile and unmanned surveillance, rough terrain scouting, and pulling or carrying ammunition or wounded soldiers in dangerous areas; Automated Polaris Ranger platform, an ATV platform that enables a single operator to perform complex troop assistance, border patrol, and perimeter security missions with multiple vehicles from one location; and Spector under-vehicle inspection system, an omni-directional platform, performs under-vehicle visual inspections for weapons, explosives, or other contraband and suspicious activities. It also provides vehicle automation kits; Guideline robotic convoy system for military convoys in active combat zones, military base logistics, highway speed convoys, construction equipment convoys, and more; and Forecast 3D laser system that enables to navigate an autonomous vehicle in multi-obstacle/multi-vehicle situations. In addition, the company offers Mobius command and control software, a robotics software system for unmanned vehicle systems using the SAE AS-4 protocol for agriculture, construction, military, automotive testing, and mining industries; Vantage obstacle detection and avoidance software system, which generates maps, and plots and executes course directions around detected obstacles; and TruSpective, a 3D navigation and manipulation software that uses a 3D sensor and camera to create a real-time rendering of a robot and world as a control window. Autonomous Solutions, Inc. was founded in 2000 and is based in Petersboro, Utah

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