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Emery Energy Company is a gasification technology developer with capabilities in mechanical, chemical and related process engineering knowledge. Emery’s technologies are aimed at advancing the state of the art in gasification by developing advanced approaches that will ultimately reduce capital and operating costs of gasifier systems while increasing both fuel and product flexibility. Emery supports its customers with a range of services including: 1) economic/financial analysis services; 2) project/equipment engineering; 3) technology licensing and supply; 4) construction management; and, 5) operator training/plant commissioning services. As oil and natural gas sources continue to demonstrate price increases, price volatility and reduced domestic production in the U.S., carbon-based solid feedstocks will play an increasingly important role. Using Gasification-based technologies enables clean and efficient conversion of a myriad of biomass and other waste feedstocks. While principally focused on the development and commercialization of our own gasification technologies, Emery also makes investments into various energy-based technologies that are complimentary to our current technology portfolio. The firm became involved in gasification technologies in the mid 1990’s wherein initial investments allowed for design, engineering and fabrication of an early MSW gasification testing unit. Early successes helped secure additional investments that allowed Emery to construct and test a larger 25-ton/day pilot plant using scrap tires as the principal feedstock (1996 – 1998). In 2001, Emery received Cooperative Agreement funding from U.S. DOE to conduct design and economic analysis of Emery’s technology when applied to large scale biomass/refuse derived fuel application at the 70MWe scale. This project was supported by the Idaho National Laboratory and GE Power Systems. Emery is a member of the Gasification Technologies Council and the American Council on Renewable Energy (ACORE), both based in Washington D.C.

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