AZ Technology Inc
Business Identifier: Instrumentation development, Spaceflight experiment development, Instruments for scientific measurements, advanced materials and coatings
Public Profile:
AZ Technology offers a combination of scientific and engineering capabilities coupled with hardware development experience to provide cost effective development of complex software, hardware, and systems. The company has a proven record of succesful performance of high technology endeavors, including space flight and commercial hardware. AZ Technology also has successful experience in the development of both prototype and protoflight systems. The Optical Properties Monitor (OPM) and the Space Portable SpectroReflectometer (SPSR) are examples of recent flight instruments developed under the protoflight concept in partnership with NASA. These instruments flew aboard the Space Shuttle and were used on the exterior of the Russian Mir Station. Information Technology expertise includes real-time embedded control systems, ground support and operations systems, and Internet-based collaboration and videoconferencing systems.

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Efficient Conversion of Carbon Dioxide into Methane using 3rd Generation Ionic Liquids
Ionic Liquid Epoxy Composite Cryotanks
Constellation C3I Crew-Ground-Experimenter-Developer Collaboration Services
Grid-Based Distribution of Payload Video to Experimenters
Secure Interactive Telemedicine Via State-wide Internet