Matritech Inc
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In September 2007, Matritech Inc was acquired by Inverness Medical Innovations, Inc. Matritech Inc. develops, manufactures and markets innovative cancer diagnostic products based on its proprietary nuclear matrix protein (NMP) technology. The nuclear matrix, a three dimensional protein framework within the nucleus of cells, plays a fundamental role in determining cell type by physically organizing the contents of the nucleus, including DNA. The Company has demonstrated that there are differences in the types and amounts of NMPs found in cancerous and normal tissue and believes the detection of such differences in NMPs provides important diagnostic information about cellular abnormalities, including cancer. Using its proprietary NMP technology and expertise, the Company has developed non-invasive or minimally invasive cancer diagnostic tests for bladder and colon cancer and is developing additional tests for cervical, breast and prostate cancer. Close ties to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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Numa Protein Complexes As Unique Tumor Markers
High Specificity Therapeutic Agent for Prostate Cancer
Nuclear Matrix Proteins Cc 4/Cc-5~Colon Cancer Markers
Drug Screening Assay for Novel Chemotherapeutic Agents
Nuclear matrix protein PC-1 - marker for prostate cancer