Mainstream Engineering Corporation
Business Identifier: thermal control and energy conversion
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Mainstream Engineering Corporation is a research and development firm focusing on advanced thermal control and energy conversion technology, specifically thermal control systems, energy conversion devices, heat transfer, fluid flow, thermodynamics and nano-technology. In the past two decades there have been drastic increases in the power density and complexity of electronic and optical systems. These increases result in higher demand and more advanced thermal management strategies. Additionally, worldwide energy consumption associated with space cooling has increased substantially, thereby demanding more efficient space cooling technologies. Space cooling and refrigeration are responsible for a large portion of the fuel consumption among deployed troops. As a result, the Department of Defense is constantly demanding more efficient environmental control units (ECUs) and refrigeration units (RUs). Mainstream is well positioned in this field with high-efficiency improved environmental control units (IECU) for rigid-walled shelter cooling, ducted modular environmental control units (MECUs) for tent cooling, and containerized RU for food, ice, and reserve blood supply storage. All of these units are ruggedized for the military environment and are being refined constantly for enhanced efficiency and reliability. Federal and commercial entities frequently need purpose-built thermal management systems (TMSs) for atypical applications. Mainstream has developed TMSs for cooling of communication equipment on Venus, cooling of high-energy laser weapon systems, cooling of wide bandwidth radar jamming electronics, and other applications where thermal management is critical to functionality. As the power density of central processing units, radar electronics, laser diodes, and other high power electronic components increases, so do the cooling demands. The firm has developed novel technologies for cooling high heat flux components to enhance local heat transfer coefficients.

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