Business Identifier: Mobile wind turbine system
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Windlift’s objective is to provide distributed, cost effective renewable energy systems using AWE that are competitive alternatives to existing fossil fuel energy systems. Our systems are designed to be cost effective, easily transportable, quick to install and easy to use. Windlift recognizes that access to energy is a critical component for social, economic and political advancement. Consequently, Windlift’s first objective in design of its systems is to bring a low cost, easy to install and use renewable power alternative for off-grid locations where fuel for petroleum based generators is costly, unreliable or non-existent (there is a high burden of constantly accessing petroleum to fuel generators). This includes, among others, forward military applications, remote locations in the developing world and off-shore operations. In 2008 the International Energy Association estimated 1.5 billion people do not have electricity, and 85% of them live in rural areas. In these off-grid areas it would be progressive to begin their electrification with renewable sources of energy rather than fossil fuels. Providing energy to less developed regions is the first step in helping them rise out of poverty. Access to electricity is a precursor for improving living standards, health, education, global connectedness, and economic vitality. Windlift is committed to expanding the use of AWE systems as we develop this innovation technology taking it to higher altitudes with stronger winds, and bring higher power with smaller footprints and lower cost. Future models will be fully automated, and as our technology advances the system will become more compact and more efficient. The next generation engine is expected to be 23 kW.

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Rapidly Deployable Trailer Mounted Airborne Wind Energy System