Advanced Magnetics Inc
Business Identifier: Iron nanoparticle-based therapeutics
Public Profile:
In September 2000, Advanced Magnetics Inc was acquired by Cytogen Corporation. Advanced Magnetics agents provide clearer images during magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tests used to detect tumors and other abnormalities. The development-stage company has two products on the market: Feridex I.V. (for the diagnosis of liver lesions) and GastroMARK (used for bowel and abdominal imaging). The company is developing contrast agents for liver and lymph disease detection called Combidex, currently in Phase III trials. In addition to contrast agents, the company makes a line of veterinary blood chemistry tests through its Kalisto Biologicals subsidiary. The company’s lead product, ferumoxytol, is in Phase III trials for anemia associated with chronic kidney disease.

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